2 June 2010

Check out our new IKEA Mawas Mavas entertainment center rack. We bought it from IKEA for RM369 and took it home the same day with our trusted Proton Savvy. Believe it or not but it actually fits that tiny car! That's the wonder of IKEA flat packs.

Assembling this thing is a real pain in the a** though. It required 26 steps of aligning, screwing, hammering and jumping through hoops. In comparison, the cheap Flarke computer table took 9 steps and our previous IKEA bed frame took 19 steps. But even if I didn't worked at IKEA for 1 1/2 years before, I still think I can manage to assemble this just fine.

That little PC down there is my very own HTPC (Home Theatre PC) running Geexbox. Sadly it cannot support XBMC or Boxee or else it'll be awesome. Still a lot of space to fill.