22 June 2010

If my wife didn't have the time to cook in the morning, I usually had breakfast somewhere outside. As I said before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me. Can't start my day without it. Now finding a good place to eat around Bandar Putra Permai/Equine Park is not easy. Most of them serve so-so food that I easily get bored with. And since Kak Na is so far away now I rarely get to sample her delicious food anymore. So where can I eat? Certainly not Thoiba!

That was before KFC introduced their morning smart meal breakfast. I especially love their nasilemak with fried chicken meal. The sauce is spicy and they throw in a free drink some more. And at RM5.25 (including tax), it's a no brainer. These days if my wife doesn't cook, you can find me at KFC Petronas around 8-ish. Though bear in mind eating fried chicken everyday is bad news for your diet program.