27 November 2008

I don't know why but a few days ago I suddenly have this huge craving for a rib steak. Maybe I still can't forget that super yummy barbecue meat that my sister made a few months back. Slrrrp. So today we decided to have dinner at a western restaurant right here in Serdang.
I think you might know this one place called Chop N Steak. It's located at the corner of that busy road to UPM near the mosque, right opposite the Sri Serdang lake. Last time I went there I ordered fried rice and the waiter gave me a blank stare. Duh, it's a western restaurant, what do you expect? So I quickly left and never returned until today. First thing first I noticed there's a lot of mosquitoes there. I got bitten like a dozen times from the moment I stepped in until we left. The food was delivered very quickly to their credit but there's where the good point ends. The rib steak was not even remotely as good as what my sister made and the chicken chop my wife ordered was quite ordinary. The garlic bread was awful and the mushroom soup was puny. My wife didn't even finish her meal and she had to throw up twice in the ladies. Fortunately that was not because of the food though. Linda was so hungry that when it was finally time to eat, her tummy started to act up. And she is not pleased to report that the toilet was filthy too.

In the end we paid Rm42.70 (USD 12.00) for a lousy, overpriced western food. Even Pizza Hut is much cheaper than that. Some people just cannot cook, let alone cook a proper western food. Avoid this restaurant at all cost.

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