20 August 2011

This particular semester for IM110 has been crazy. The gap between seminars were cut to 2-3 weeks and all of our lecturers seemed to enjoy giving us multiple (really difficult) assignments and tests every other class. Add that to the fact that some of us just switched jobs and we were inundated with work, including me, I don't fancy maintaining the same awesome result that I got last semester. At least that's how I felt like.

That said, I think all of our lecturers this time around were pretty cool. They were quite understanding with our career and other commitments in life so most of them were pretty flexible when dealing with our late submissions for assignment and lack of activity in iClass. In fact some of them were even in our shoes once upon a time ago.

Now that we finished our finish class of the semester (and submitted a dozen assignment and sat for one test every class) we are finally free to concentrate on Hari Raya. At least until our final exams come nearer at the end of September/early October.

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