23 August 2011

After visiting a coal power plant in Port Dickson last week, today I visited another factory in Sungai Buloh for work. Guess I will be going to a lot more factories after this. It's what I do now, selling programmable logic controllers to power plants, factories and similar manufacturers.

But today, today I didn't sell anything. Just following a colleague to do some testing & commissioning. Poor guy didn't know too much about this new product so he was virtually clueless and got hantam cukup-cukup by the client and our boss. That's life man. Maybe next time it'll be my turn. Today I didn't learn anything because everybody was like so busy doing their job. My friend here was too busy attempting to do something. He didn't even go out for a break until 7 in the evening. I know your enthusiastic and shit with your new job but there's more to life than work man.

It's like learning chemistry or accounting, this new job of mine. I knew very little and what's more, there's no one here to teach me anything. They don't have the time to for now, at least. Sure I can learn to do anything if only somebody is there to teach me. Plus I had to start from the bottom up because I'm like totally noob with all this PLC thingy and don't expect me to learn everything by myself.

Give me something to do, give me a plan and give me the resources and support to achieve it. It's all I ask.

Right now I don't feel so good about all this. In the future, who knows.

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