25 August 2011

So I got my first paycheck today. I was a little bit concerned that I might only get this 3 days before the end of the month like everybody else here but thankfully my fears were allayed when I received this crisp & beautiful check with my name written on it this morning. Actually a lot of things that worries me somehow about this new job disappeared when I got this check. It all seems worth it now.

Before today I've planned of doing a lot of things with my first pay. I'm going to treat my wife, my kids and my mom for dinner. Not forgetting some of my closest friends from workplace past. And then I'm going to buy myself some nice new clothes for work (not Hari Raya okay). I badly needed to add more options to my sorry wardrobe collection. The thing is my check should only be cleared on Monday. By that time we would be in Pasir Mas preparing for Raya. Shopping and treating my loved ones will have to wait then. Thank you Allah nevertheless.

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