29 August 2011

When I was a kid I used to save up my school allowances or every penny that I could get my hand of every fasting month for one thing and one thing only in my mind. To buy firecrackers. After saving up for the whole month, I will usually have a drawer full of crackers and lit them all up on the Raya eve. I would have so much fun and then the whole house would be filled with thick heavy smoke from the aftermath of my fireworks show.  Those were the days.

Today I will think twice even before buying my kids those cheap, harmless sparklers. Now only I realize spending my hard-earned money on firecrackers and stuff is akin to burning them, literally. Now I know why my mother would never-ever bought me any of those firecrackers or sparklers. She just had so many other more important things to think of other then a little bit of fun for me.

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