22 August 2011

Adam Farihin. Skinny. Not very tough. Somebody give him some more food to eat.

Well, I won't worry too much about him. I was exactly like him when I was his age. And then eventually I discovered food. Glorious food. How good they tasted. As I grow up, eating, too much, my body started to expand exponentially with my age. By the time I'm 12, I turned into this chubby kid who had too much to eat.

So did my elder sister. In fact we the 2 eldest member of our sibling seemed to look bigger than our younger brother and sister. Maybe it's because we conquered the table every dinner time and gobbled up all the good food before anybody else. That's how we became fat. I'd like to change that now. My sister? Maybe there is still hope ha ha!

So I don't worry too much about Adam Farihin's skinny outlook. He has all the time in the world to grow bigger and stronger. Maybe he should start by pumping iron like his dear old Dad.

Today by some divine intervention we all woke up a little bit late for sahur. Hence the tart cookies in the picture. I bought that for RM11.90 from MyMydin. It tasted horrible. Not all cookies are created equal. Remind me not to buy any from them again.

Hmm, it took a template change to make me blog more. I love this new theme by the way.

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