13 November 2009

Blogs vs Facebook vs Twitter

I have both Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as my 2 primary blogs. I use them all to communicate with my friends and strangers, express my feelings and opinions and note down important and historical events in my life.

Afif PLC is the place where I post general news, public events, opinions, reviews and pretty much everything under the sun. Afif Chronicles on the other hand is my personal private space where I post a more intimate details of my life, daily routines, important and noteworthy events, stuff at work and also family matters.

Afif PLC is a public domain where I did make some effort to market it to world. After every update I will publish them to blog aggregators such as Petaling Street and SARA or even link them to my Facebook page. If I want to refer anybody to my blog, I will tell them to go to Afif PLC. I get an average of 200 hits per day for that blog and I put up several ads on the site.

Afif Chronicles is the total opposite of Afif PLC. It is my personal domain. I didn't do any marketing at all for this blog and the only way for people to find it is to click on my Blogger profile or find out about it from my friends. Compared to PLC, I only get around 20 hits per day for this blog and I guess most of them are my faithful followers. The page is plain and simple and clean from ads, suitable with it's tag as "The World's Best Kept Secret Blog". I feel more at ease and unpretentious blogging on Chronicles because there I don't have anybody to please or any expectation or standard to meet.

Facebook to me is much like Afif PLC where it's a public place. I have hundreds of friends there from work, school and all over the place. Most of them know me from certain time and phase in my life and anything I put up on there will be available for all the world to know. Nothing is private on Facebook. That is why I post my more intimate and private thoughts on my Twitter page. Although I have like 50 followers, most of them were complete strangers to me and I have never met any of them in real life. Only a handful of them knew or have met me personally.

And now you know about my blogs, Facebook and Twitter world.