21 November 2009

To think that we almost skipped this event and send Adam packing with his Grandma back home to Pasir Mas. It would have been the miss of the century. First of all Adam's mates will be one member short, he'll miss all the glamor and prizes awarded to him and most of all, he won't get to have a really good time with his friends and teachers.

I'm so glad that we actually go there in the end. Cyberjaya Lake Community Club is quite a beautiful place. Located next to the Multimedia University, it's got a lake and a park, a driving range, a go-kart track and of course the main club house itself. Cyberjaya the town on the other hand is really a shame.

Although situated just next door to Putrajaya, the place is not as beautiful or shiny as it's famous neighbour. Somehow it lacks the charm and organization of Putrajaya. The signboards and sidewalk is dilapidated and lacks some TLC and even the lamp posts are quite ugly ordinary. In a nutshell, Cyberjaya the centre for Multimedia Super Corridor is like the ugly step sister of Putrajaya, the administrative capital of the country.

Maybe it's because they're under different owners and administration. If that's so then Cyberview Sdn Bhd really sucks and don't know how to manage a town.