9 November 2009

Thanks to my Dad, we can finally pay the 2.75% booking money for Casa Riana apartment. I was worried that we might not get that 115K price. The last agent I called said the apartment is now for sale from 120K onwards. Somehow my agent managed to convince the owner to sell it to us with the old price. Now we only have to apply for a housing loan and maybe take out a personal loan as well to pay for the legal fees. We never knew owning a house would cost so much money.

Last week I found a little rat in our kitchen. I managed to trap it in the toilet and smack it to death with a broom. Two days later I saw another rat hiding under the kitchen cabinet. I gave it a chase with my trusty broom but to my astonishment it ran and slip right under the kitchen door and straight into the backyard. I know that it's small but the way it slid under the door, it's like the thing has no bones at all! I had to nail a piece of stick below the door to stop the rat from coming in the future.

Yesterday while I was about to park my car, I saw a big ugly dog about to poop in front of my gate. I quickly blared my horn like crazy but the dog just kept on going with his business. It's only when I was about to run the dog down with my tires did it ran away an poop at the vacant house next door instead.

If those are not enough reasons why we should move away from this place then I don't know what are. I can tell you a dozen more reasons why I hate this place but I'll save them for another day. I know I probably had to take another part time job to afford the apartment but right now, anyplace is better then this.