20 November 2009

Although Chinese New Years is still a million years away, McDonald's popular Prosperity Burger meal has already made an appearance at an outlet near you this week. My wife for example is a big fan of this Prosperity Burger so she insisted that we eat this burger like right away.

Well I love this burger too. They're made from a processed beef patty dipped with a special Campbell black paper sauce and served with some onions. That's it. You can probably find the beef patties and the onion at the store but the special Campbell black pepper sauce is not available for sale anywhere. I know, I've looked for them at all hypermarkets I've been to. I remember I used to eat this burger a lot when I was working at that McDonald's restaurant in KL and even used the special sauce as a dipping. Simply yummy.

Now a Prosperity burger meal wouldn't be complete without this limited time only curly fries made from a specially seasoned and battered fries.

On route to McDonald's, Mia have been complaining of a little tummy ache. She felt better while we were eating but towards the end, I smelled something spectacular in the air (and it's not love). True enough, I found out Mia had pooped on my lap. Well If you already had a child of your own you'd probably know by now that shit like this do happen (pun intended). It's quite normal. There's nothing to be ashamed of.

If you're visiting this McDonald's restaurant in Equine Park, stay clear of the second table from the play area. And also look out for the special Big Mac sauce on the floor ;)