14 November 2009

The last time I went out on a date with my wife was some time in July last year at Aeon Cheras Selatan. We went to eat at Old Town White Coffee and watched a lousy movie title 'Get Smart' starring Anne Hathaway and some guy. A few days after that our house got broken into and most of my valuable possession were gone. After that we didn't get to go out together, just the two of us anywhere again. Time and budget constrains were the main culprit plus we didn't have any place to leave our kids for the whole day.

So when Exabytes offered 2 free movie tickets to watch 2012 at GSC One Utama and my Mom sportingly agreed to look after the kids, we jumped at the opportunity. We went window shopping around the mall first and then grab something to eat, curiously also at Old Town White Coffee (I pray that our house is not broken into again tomorrow). It was great to be able to go out together again, just the two of us.

One Utama does change a bit since the last time we went there like 3 years ago when we were still living in Kota Damansara. There sure is a lot of people there on weekends. The same reason I hate going to Mid Valley, parking space is almost non-existent here at One Utama. And since they don't have a parking light guiding system like Sunway Pyramid or The Mines, we had to circle for ages to find a vacant parking spot. The only consolation is, we had no problem finding our car again because the parking lot numbers is truly well-designed.

Too bad I had to tell something untrue to Adam before we get to go out sans him and Mia. What choice do we have? He'll absolutely would want to tag along had we told him where we're going. Sorry buddy but Papa and Mama had to work err extra hours today ;)