5 November 2009

Oh Casa Riana, how i long for thee. Our plans to own a house has hit a backstage because of a financial setback. Initially we wanted to take out a personal loan to pay for the 5% deposit but after thinking hard about it, we would be paying both for the personal loan and housing loan later on which could be a real burden for us. Besides, there's a gazillion other things we need to pay such as the lawyer's fees, S&P and so much more that sometimes we wondered if we can afford to do this.

It pains my heart to drive past the apartment almost every day of the week and see all the tenants moving in and the price of the place steadily climb due to high demand. Before, we can buy the place for as low as 110K but today we'd be lucky if the price doesn't soar well above 120K. Time is definitely of the essence and right now they are not on our side.

We did found an angel financial that could help us with our dream but up until now we're still waiting for his final word. We were hoping instead of borrowing from the bank, why not borrow from him instead and avoid all those expensive interests.

If we failed to get his financial backing, I think we'd probably say goodbye to our dream home.