10 August 2009

If I could summarize today in one word it would be BAD DAY. It all started with the rain earlier this evening. I thought it's never going be really heavy so I didn't bother to move my car from my usual parking spot in front of the office which will turn into a makeshift monsoon drain during heavy downpour. But pour it did the rain today so just before the rain water get to sip into my car, I managed to park it to higher ground. But in the process, I got totally drenched wet.

And then there's a problem with the Internet connection at my office. I tried the usual reset the modem/router and rebooted the proxy server but nothing worked. In the end I had to call TM and they said there's something wrong with the Streamyx port. We had to wait until tomorrow before they send somebody over. When I finally hung up from TM, it was already 6:30 and I was officially late to pick up the kids and Linda.

There was already a huge traffic jam in front of my office because water overflowed onto the road but I never expected the road to be congested also all the way along the SKVE. I tried to cut through UPM but it's even worse there. How was I supposed to know it's graduation day in UPM today? Altogether, I was stuck in traffic for over an hour today. An hour, traffic jam, Serdang, unbelievable.

Oh and it's not over yet. When I reached home, almost a quarter of our living room is flooded with rain water. We knew there's a little leak on our ceiling but since the rain was so heavy today, it poured inside.

Just know all the lights went out and we sat in the dark for like 15 minutes.

Thankfully that's about it.