21 August 2009

Some people are averse to change. They don't like to come out of their comfort zone and face new challenges. But change whether you like it will come, sooner or later, some time in your life. Those who embrace and adapt themselves to it will mostly succeed. Those who resist will likely be left behind.

At the beginning of the year, I got transferred from technical support to the procurement department. To be honest, I didn't exactly look forward for it when I first heard the news. But I accepted it anyway and quickly learned the ropes of my new department. Today after 8 months being in the procurement department, I was told to go back to my old department again. Just when I begin to feel comfortable in my current position and mastered almost all I need to know about procurement.

But then I'm just an employee so I need to follow orders whether I like it or not. Like some people, I don't usually like major changes in my life. But if they come, I won't run away or complain and whine about it. I'll just embrace it head on and go with the flow. My philosophy in work is, no matter where they put you at - do the best with your job. Heck even if they put me in finance or software department I won't complaint.

Being in the procurement department has it good and bad points. The good thing is you can sit at your table all day and do most of your work from there. You don't have to drive anywhere and meet anybody or carry and push really heavy stuff around. But the downside is, you have to worry about many more things in your head. When the supplier will reply with your quote, when will they will deliver your orders, do we have enough money to pay for the goods, when will our client pay all their debts with us and many-many more. If you think sitting at your desk all day long is easy, think again.

Being in technical support on the other hand, you don't have to worry too much about all those stuff. You come, you fix and you go home. Of course sometimes when the problem is beyond your knowledge or expertise you do get headache figuring out how to fix it but then you can always turn to somebody more expert or senior than you. But that in my experience, seldom happen. Yes you do go out more and do more physical stuff but at the end of the day, you go home happy and content without a care in the world.

So come Monday I guess I'll be claiming my old desk next to the window again. Sorry Bohari, you have no place in this office from now on. No desk for you la I mean. I'm sure he's a really happy guy having to work in Puncak Alam.