18 August 2009

A few weeks ago I copied a bunch of Korean TV series from somebody's hard drive and transferred them to my iPhone to watch in my free time. Almost a week of driving later, I finally finished watching one of the drama series - Coffee Prince.

Coffe Prince is a romantic comedy about a guy who fell in love with another guy which should make him gay, except that the guy is actually a girl who is rather tomboyish and often mistaken as a guy anyway. Sounds complicated? Let me elaborate.

Han Kyul (the hero), son of some rich family decides to open a cafe. His cafe is named Coffee Prince and he only hire dudes at his cafe, meaning to attract the ladies visitors. Eun Chan (the heroin) dressed and looked like a guy but is really a girl and most people can definitely tell at first glance (except for Han Kyul) get to work at Hyan Kul's cafe but never tell her employer her real gender.

Eventually after a series of events, the two got rather intimate together and even got to the point where they hugged and kissed although Han Kyul never realised that Eun Chan is a girl (which basically make him a gay) <- point stressed here. This TV series has 17 episodes and the hero didn't find out about the heroin's real status until the 10th episode which basically made the audience (i.e me) fuming mad with his idiocy. Once he found out that Eun Chan is a girl, he got understandably mad because she cheated (didn't tell the truth) him all these while. But he got over it gradually because Eun Chan kept on being so cute and later he introduced Eun Chan to his rich family (grandma & mother). His grandma initially hated Eun Chan guts but like all fairy tale like drama series, this one has a happy ending too. Oh yeah before that, Eun Chan who speak no English or Italian went to Milan to study coffee (like there's such a thing) and return 2 years later to be reunited with her boyfriend Han Kyul whose business is doing really well. And they lived happily ever after.

Normally I would stop watching these type of cheesy TV series after the first 2 episodes but since I waited for 2 days for my PC to convert the RMVB file to iPhone compatible MP4 H.264 format, it would be a real waste to delete them all. I was virtually pulling my hair waiting for Han Kyul to find out that Eun Chan is really a girl and I bet the audience was shouting curses to at the writer for making them wait so long. I can point a few other Korean actress who is much prettier than Yoon Eun Hye (Eun Chan) and the heroin, Gong Yoo looks suspiciously like my cousin Wan Mohd Azri who incidentally studied for 5 years in Korea also. Overall, not badlah but I don't recommend this one for the impatient ones.