28 August 2009

Today had been a really hectic day for me and my wife. First we went to the Seri Kembangan clinic for Mia's monthly medical checkup. Then we went straight to KL city. Linda had to do some shopping while I wanted to renew both my regular & GDL driving license. Once I got to the JPJ counter at Maju Junction, the clerk told me I had to bring along the receipt from the clinic where I did the checkup for the GDL license renewal. Since when they enforce this new ruling, I have no idea. But I'm not about to travel back another 60 kilometers the get one lousy receipt to renew my GDL license. That have to wait. Nevermind that my GDL license expires next week.

Then we went to Tesco to do our monthly groceries shopping before going to The Mines to find myself a t-shirt for work.

After such a long day out and about, we finally picked up the kids around 7:00 PM. The kids were naturally ravished. I decided to bring the family for buka puasa at this new Island Red Cafe in Equine Park. We knew the cafe existed for quite some time but we never step our feet there yet before. We had a variety of menu for buka puasa which is strange for a cafe. I originally thought it was like Old Town or something which they are definitely not. Anyway, the highlight of our visit was when we found out that it was buffet style dinner and they charge RM28.00++ per head for adults and RM16:00++ for children. Altogether we paid over 60 ringgit for some lousy dinner. Even if the food were good, I'd had a tough time enjoying it after seeing the exorbitant bill.

Let this be a (really-really expensive) lesson for us all.