8 August 2009

It is now time to do my assignments. And where better place to do them other than the library? That's why I spent nearly 4 hours at the National Library today, looking for articles and notes in books, journal and reports. It's time like this that I wish I had a laptop so that I can just type in all the notes instead of writing it down manually by hand which is so tiring.

It's been 3 years since I last went to this library and the place has changed considerably. First they don't use library cards anymore, you just show your I.D to borrow books. New registration is only 5 ringgit and renewal is free every 3 years. All you have to bring is a copy of your identity card. When I first went in, I couldn't find the regular books and shelves that I was used too. Apparently they moved them all upstairs. The ground floor is now filled with a few dozen computers where kids use to play online games or visit social networking sites. Quite a waste of resource if you think about it. But if it gets these kids to come to the library, at least that's a good thing.