2 August 2009

Today is my second seminar at INTEC in Shah Alam. This time I came prepared and early. Brought all my modules and I arrived earlier than last time so I've got myself a nice parking spot near the class building and the best seat in the class. There was a sup rise test in class today for one of the subjects. We got to know about the test only 2 hours before so I suspect everybody was just as clueless as me in answering the questions. But in the end, the kind lecturer helped us to answer some of the questions in some subtle ways that I can't mention here he he. You've got to attend the class to know.

Now is the time for us to do assignments. We did one last time and in this class we get 2 more assignments to do before our next meeting on the 16th of August. The task itself is not that hard but for part timers like us, finding the time to go somewhere and find the materials for the assignment is quite a feat in our busy-busy life. But then again if you want to succeed in anything, you've got to work for it right?