1 August 2009

Today we had lunch at Dynasty Hotel near Jalan Ipoh in KL. But today will be most remembered for the anti-ISA rally near the Sogo shopping complex, Masjid Jamek and surrounding areas. I must salute all of you, the 20000 strong members of the public who showed up in KL today. You did the country proud. Likewise, I'm totally disgusted with the police force today. Had they shown the same tenacity and enthusiasm in keeping our home and streets safe from crooks and thugs, our country would be a much better place to live in by now. You all should be ashamed of yourself. And don't give me that 'we're just following orders' shit. You all have brain right?

I didn't join in the protest of course, for obvious reason. We had Adam & Mia with us today for the lunch and besides, my wife would have nothing of it. The funny things is, we actually wanted to stop by Sogo today to do some shopping but the train didn't even stop at 2 stations before and after the departmental store for security reasons. A historic day indeed and I just nearly become part of it.