16 August 2009

I spent the last few days cranking my head trying to finish my first 2 assignments, which I finally did last night. Last night also my family and I had a sleepover at my Mom's place in Serdang. This morning, I left as early as 7:00 in the morning for class. I got there understandably early, just before 8:00 and there was plenty of parking and nobody has arrived yet.

In class today, I found out one my assignment is not due until next month. So I finished mine way ahead of schedule. No wonder the others were puzzled to see my 2 assignments. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Better early than late.

I also found out we have a listening test and a little quiz in class today. The listening class was piece of cake but the other quiz was brain-wrecking. Although I studied a bit in the morning, there's no way I'm going to remember all those acronyms, abbreviations, dates and facts. I'm not alone though, so did everybody else. That's why during the quiz, many of the guys from 2nd row and back sneakily opened their text book or notes. Although I also sit at the back, my conscience prevented me from opening the book too, though I did take a peak at the guy next to me who copied everything from his textbook. Not surprisingly, he got almost full mark for this quiz. Hah, you just wait until the real exam.

After that some of us were very 'lucky' to be selected to present our assignment for the class. I felt rather 'unlucky' today so 5 other people had to present their assignment but not me. In the end, we got more assignment and work to do before our next seminar and TEST next month.