11 April 2009

Have you ever noticed those big yellow and red recycle bins placed on road sides with the word 'Recycle for charity' written on them? I thought they were a nuisance, an eyesore to be exact. I even suspect they sold everything they collect for profit and none for charity.

Okay maybe I'm wrong and the were indeed a decent charity organization. You see, I've got this old and broken manual washing machine that I wanted to get rid of since like forever but I'm just too lazy to move it to the nearest dumpster. So yesterday I thought why not call this recycle for charity thing to pick up the washing machine and a few other dump that I've got here. So I called them and as promised, they came to my house to pick up the washing machine, vacuum cleaner, printer, stroller and walker, all broken of course. So in like 5 minutes, all our dumps/garbage were gone and I didn't even have to lift a finger to dispose of them. They've got what they wanted, and I got rid of what I don't want. It's a win-win situation.

So if you've got some old washing machine, fridge or anything bulky to dispose of, call Pertubuhan Amal Sinar at these numbers: 03 42977022 or 012 6861633 and they'll pick up the stuff from your home.

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