21 April 2009

Morning briefings can be quite productive if conducted 1-2 times a week. If held more than that (like every day of the week) it could be counter-productive instead.

Yes it's good to hear every body's updates on things but if one person took 7-10 minutes talking and there's 12 people in the room, a short 10 minute briefing could extend to 30 minutes or even an hour. Early mornings is also the favourite time for our clients to call us and they're not too pleased when we didn't pick up hear the phone ring. Plus I had to start my server checklist duties after 10:00 AM and my real work would start 30-45 minutes after that.

Usually I'd rather not sacrifice my beauty sleep for an EPL match but since this is THE Liverpool vs Arsenal game, I won't miss it for the world. Yeah it's a tough game and defeat could effectively end our title challenge but somehow I have a really good feeling about this game. So see you around 4:00?

Condolences to our Boss who lost her grandfather today.

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  1. 'org kita' mmg suka melecehkan keje yg remeh & kureng efisyen :)