17 April 2009

I smell something fishy in the air. Rearing fish and other aquatic lifeforms is the latest craze in my office right now. You'd thought people will go gaga over bikes once the boss bought his new Kawasaki but nope, it's fish and aquariums all day long.

I think over a quarter of the male office population is caught with this fish bug. Yes they still chat about work, politics and stuff but fish will always come up during their conversations. It's quite common to see many of them going together to fish shops during lunch time or right after work to buy a fish or two or buy those little accessories that will make their aquariums a little bit more prettier.

Although I'm quite disinterested with anything fishy at the moment or anytime soon I must commend their new hobby. At least they didn't waste time or money at karaoke joints or massage parlors anymore hu hu.

1 comment:

  1. Fish & aquariums ehh..maybe they need some peace by looking at fish.