25 April 2009

I just found out Kelantan made it to the final of the F.A Cup like 2 days ago. Seriously, I thought they lost to Negri Sembilan or something during that ugly semi-final match in Kota Bharu but actually the did win on the reverse fixture.

Anyhow with all due respect, I didn't have much expectations on Kelantan to win the cup tonight. After all, making it to their first final in 39 years is a huge achievement already for them. That said, I'm proud nevertheless with my hometown team's performance tonight. At least they managed to hold Selangor until extra time and even lead them by a goal before losing marginally on penalties. And I'm mighty glad there's nothing unruly happened tonight. 80,000 spirited and highly charged fans, anything can happen. To be honest, I think Kelantanese fans are as docile as the next guy unless provoked.

Guess which team Adam supported tonight? Kelantan because they wore red like his favourite team Liverpool of course!

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