20 April 2009

After the routine medical check-up at the Seri Kembangan clinic, we left Mia at her nursery and head straight to Nilai 3. My wife has this sudden urge to buy a new carpet and clothes for Hari Raya. Yes I know, Raya is ages away but there's nothing wrong in preparing early. Apart from that she also bought a huge 7 feet mirror and a little kitchen cabinet. It's amazing how much stuff we can fit into our tiny Proton Savvy. And she bought it all using her bonus money. Well at least she didn't waste it on something useless such as a new phone he he. Thank you darling, you're so thoughtful.

After red, green, yellow and white, our Hari Raya clothing theme for this year will be blue. Check out Linda's future baju kurung. I picked that for her (after rejecting 50 other patterns). Adam and I will be wearing a blue sky baju Melayu for Raya.

Now I know assembling a little kitchen cabinet is no small feat. I spent close to 2 hours fixing it up from scratch. Even then I still have no idea how to attach the door knobs. Bleh. If I'd known it would be that difficult, I'd pay the furniture store that 20 bucks to assemble and deliver the cabinet. Argh, my hand even got blisters from tonight's work.

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  1. alalala..
    poor daddy adam..
    2 jam tu nak pasang almari dapow...
    hehehe nyway, good job!!