3 April 2009

A dawn for a new hope or the beginning of a long, horrid nightmare? That depends on which political divide you're on. As for me, I'm inclined to believe the latter. Sure he released 13 ISA detainees and lifted the ban on Harakah and Suara Keadilan. As welcomed as that move was, my guts think that's just one clever tactical maneuver for the upcoming triple by-elections. Some people will say he's a nice guy, a bright shining beacon for all Malaysians. Hate to break it to you folks but 2 former premier did exactly the same some time ago. Tun Hussein Onn and Tun Dr Mahathir did release some ISA prisoners when they ascend to power only to launch Ops Lalang and detain hundred others under the draconian act when they felt threatened by the Opposition. If he's really sincere, he should have released all of the ISA detainees or charge them in court. Somehow I doubt that will ever happen.

So I'm not jumping with joy yet nor does any of us Bloggers is wagging our tongues in anticipation of change and reform under the new leadership. Streamyx and Celcom users, have you noticed that our Internet connection had been super-sluggish these past few days? My Celcom wireless broadband modem which is usually bright blue with HSDPA is now green turtle-speed GPRS since last week. And it's no co-incidence mind you. They're trying to stifle the blogs and alternative online media's influence on the upcoming by-elections. The crackdown has begun and most people don't even know it. God save us.

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  1. better than PR which actually bring Malaysia into chaos lol..