28 April 2009

Not many people know this but today is International Facsimile Machine Memorial Day. No kidding. You can check Google News for this feature story.

Although IFMM day is not that popular this side of the world, people in 25 cities from Asfahan to Zeeland commemorate this day by turning tall the facsimile (fax) machine off for the day. I think it's really thoughtful of them to honour our tireless and hardworking fax machine on IFMM day. Imagine what will our business be without them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our very own fax machine here at my company for it's immense contribution to the company over the years. Yes maybe the machine is old and ancient and it does misses a few incoming transmission every now and then but hey at least it's still working most of the time right? And like my friend said: why buy a new fax machine when we can buy 10 new laptops for the CFMS team?


  1. Always cfms team. What they want, will be granted, want more people, they'll have it, want more salary, they'll get it... thanks god i'm already moved from this biased company

  2. Whoa, I thought everybody loves the CFMS team!

  3. Why so jealous? We worked hard to get all the good contracts to pay for all our salary you know.

  4. Guys-guys everybody has a role to play in this company. Like Wonderpets said: apa yang penting? Kerja-sama.

  5. Kerjasama my ass!

    It's an open secret that the CFMS team is the 'golden child' of the company. They get everything they want plus all the perks. Everybody else do the hard work and they get the credit. We do all their works for them but they didn't lift a finger to help others.

    Other depts contribute twice as much as what the CFMS dept got in a year yet they incurred the most cost. Everybody hates the CFMS dept and we all bitch about them all the time.

    Talk about fair and co-operation? Talk to the hand.

  6. People, lets focus here. This post is about the International Facsimile Memorial Day.

  7. why CFMS always get what they want?how about the other collegues?even
    they also work very hard and most of the profit is comes from others department not like CFMS dept.why they also cannot get like u guys get?Still confiusing......

    why CFMS is Golden Child?
    because they do the small2 things and very easy things..that y la Golden child.The Golden child cannot do the hard work,could not work in hot place,skin guard,do not want be tired...that y la Golden Child...