29 April 2009

My darling bugged me endlessly this morning to check her post-graduate teaching course (KPLI) result online. I tried to access the MOE site a dozen times but failed. My guess is the site crashed due to over overwhelming traffic. A real IT professional would have anticipated this situation but I guess you can assess the quality of the people they hire to manage their website (which is pretty bad).

Anyhow 2 hours later when the site is finally accesible I saw this little notice put up there saying you can only check the results tomorrow afternoon. I wonder if this what they call people first, performance now. Bleh.

I don't understand why so many people want to take KPLI anyway. Does being a teacher the most desirable job now? Yeah I know the pay is good and you get to go back early plus the fact you've got tons oh holidays but teaching is a serious job that requires passion and a really deep interest in the field. Definitely not your last resort when SPA failed and you didn't have much luck with other employees.

Speaking of which, my wife is both excited and nervous at the same time waiting for this KPLI result. She's not even sure she wants to be a teacher or not. Just jumping on the bandwagon along with her hopeless friends. I already gave her a long and boring lecture on the perils of being a teacher but she never listens. Being seperated to go for the course, 3 months without pay, posted to teach at some place far-far away. Honestly, I think she's better off being at her current workplace no matter how sucky her boss is.

Anyway I guess we'll find out tomorrow. If the website doesn't crash again that is ha ha!

Currently packing our stuff for tomorrow's balik kampung trip. Pray for our safe journey.


  1. Ckgu skng bukan smudah yg disangka...keje stgh hari tp keje yg dibawa balik smpi mlm nak diikutkn x abis

  2. I totally understand. My mom has been a teacher for 25 years.