30 April 2009

560 kilometers, that's how far I've driven today. From Seri Kembangan to Kota Bharu and back to Tanah Merah. Our tank is fully loaded with stuff, mostly our clothes and also my old & heavy Fujitsu desktop computer that I wanted to give to my in laws.

About 12 years ago my Dad bought me my first ever computer and I must say it changed my life tremendously. I wouldn't known so much about computers had not my Dad gave me the PC that time. I wanna do the same with my little in laws.

We finally checked Linda's KPLI results on the phone somewhere in Kuala Krai today. Unfortunately she didn't made it for the interview. I always say that if we didn't get something, some job or girlfriend or whatever, maybe there's something better waiting for us in the future. A better job, partner or something. Maybe now she can fully concentrate on her current job and go all the way. So to all the blowers out there, make way for Sharifah Haslinda. You guys are going down because Linda is making her way to the top!

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