24 April 2009

We went there today meaning to get a little coffee table for our living room. In the end we bought this Jokkmokk dining table (along with the coffee table). For a dining table with 4 chairs, it doesn't get any cheaper than this.

It was love at first sight. Actually, make that love after a dozen sights because I've been eying the table since like 2 years ago. Only today that we've got the urge and the means to buy it. Not surprisingly, this flat-packed table fitted nicely into our little Proton Savvy so we bought it home and assembled it immediately all by ourselves. Well, I did all the assembling and except for the chairs, they're not that hard to do. The table is not so big but it fits our place nicely. FYI Jokkmokk is a little district in northern Sweden. In fact most of the furniture in IKEA are named after Swedish towns, Swedish words or their designer's name.

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