11 October 2009

Today I went to my last class for this semester. How time flies. After this there will be no more classes to attend but we will be sitting for our final exam in a couple of weeks. The class started at 8:30AM as usual and it didn't end until around 6:00PM.

After class, I went straight to LCCT to pick up my parent in law who just got back from my sister in law's graduation in Sabah. Around 8:00 I went to a neighbour's open house just 2 doors away. I didn't get the chance to talk to him before so tonight was a good time to start. He lived with her wife and little daughter there and he worked in UPM university nearby. And he bought the house for just 130K although he must have spent at least another 10 grand for renovation.

Then we went to Nusaputra between Puchong and Cyberjaya to visit another friend's open house. Maybe because it's night time but I got lost somwhere near Selangor Science Park. Our host had to 'rescue' us from the pitch darkness.

Nora and her family lives in a gated and secured housing area called Nusaputra. We had to register our name at the guard's house before entering. Coming into Nora's house is like visiting an IKEA showroom. I mean they bought most of their furniture and home furnishing from there. And I thought I was a big fan! Nora is even better. She's like their number 1 most important customer now.

We ate and hang around for about an hour before making our way. Nora must be really tired attending guests from afternoon till late in the evening. Before leaving she told us the great news about her upcoming baby. Congrats! Looks like I can stop bugging you about Nana's little brother/sister now eh? ;)

After leaving her place, my wife went into one of her house-buying frenzy mode again. She nagged me to buy just about every single house ads she saw. Yes darling, I can buy you a 400K house also. I"ll drop by Courts Mammoth tomorrow to buy one.

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