3 October 2009

A month back, my faculty told us of a plan to organize a 'Pengukuhan Ukhuwah' (strengthening of the bond) program for students of the faculty at the Puncak Perdana UiTM campus. The program is scheduled for today and attendance is supposed to be compulsory hence why I attended it.

Check out my new post-chicken pox look. I arrived 20 minutes early at Puncak Perdana. Only a handful of other people were there first including the organizer lecturer and a some committee members. We had breakfast (provided for) first while waiting for the others to arrive. In the end, only 4 people from my class (of 20) showed up for the event. Overall I estimated about 25 people came today.

For coming and registering for the event, we were given a pencil, ball pen, a little notepad and an umbrella for our troubles. We listened to some speech and a few lectures from several (successful) alumni of the faculty which were meant to motivate us which they did, at least for me. The talks and seminar dragged on until lunch which were also provided for free by the organizer. The hujan panas rice (coloured rice) with mutton curry and spicy chicken were delicious and I casually left the event shortly after.

From Puncak Perdana I rushed home, shower and change and brought my family to my boss' Raya open house in Sungai Merab, Bangi. We got there around 3:00 PM, just in time. Surprisingly most of my colleagues were there although I heard rumours earlier that many of them won't make it to the occasion. We ate a little, took some pictures and left for our next open house at Desa Saujana nearby.

Maybe it's just not our luck but we simply couldn't find Desa Saujana anywhere today. We tried half a dozen roads, and explored a dozen more junctions but Desa Saujana was nowhere to be found. In the end I just gave up and head home. That's when Adam threw a tantrum and demanded that we go to Puan Hajar's house. He cried for hours today and only stopped when we promised to go visit the Alamanda shopping mall in Putrajaya tonight. Honestly, I would have let that spoilt brat cry his lungs out for all I care but since his mother bugged me to appease him I had to do something.

At Alamanda I suddenly had the urge to have a noodle soup, any kind but preferably laksa sarawak, javan or curry. Of all the eateries and restaurant in Alamanda today, none served the ones that I'd like to eat. All of them is either sold out or out unavailable. In the end I had to settle for a Hong Kong beef noodle at The Chicken Rice shop which was despite it's glamorous name is quite plain and tasteless. Regular yellow noodle and some beef and vegetables, that's all.

It's been a long day but I stayed up late nevertheless tonight to watch the Man U - Sunderland game. Damn, they almost beat United only to be saved by an unfortunate last minute own goal. Guess we'll have to beat them ourselves.