12 October 2009

All last weekend Adam have been studying with her Mom in preparation for his final exam today. This morning though Adam suddenly had a change of mind and decided to stay at home with his grandparent instead. So we literally had to drag him to the toilet to shower, carry him into the car we only his underwear on and promise him with all kind of treats and gift so that he will go to school. We managed to drag his butt to the class' door in the end although he was still crying, pleading to go home as we left.

Sometimes I just don't understand my 5 years old. He was okay with his studying and revision yesterday. Maybe he just had a nervous breakdown. But then again, all his classmates came to school without any problem today. It did crossed my mind just to leave him at home today but I choose not to be lenient with him today. He's going to start schooling soon and I worry that this trend will continue then also. Sigh.