27 October 2009

Today Adam came home with his School Report Card. We Linda promised him that if he gets number one in class, she will buy him one Sony PlayStation Portable game console for him. It's not that we don't have faith in him, it's just that we'd like to give him a big motivation to do well in his studies.

So the results is out and unfortunately Adam didn't get first place in class. But he did get number 3 which is an improvement from his last position which was number four (fuh!). Still looking at his Report Card, I must say I'm very proud of my son's achievement. Yeah he still has room for improvement in Creative (drawing & craft) but for other subject he's quite good actually.

And as a reward for your good result, your Mom will now buy you that special edition Barbie doll. Enjoy!

p.s: I took the liberty to add a little comment of my own.