28 October 2009

I go about with my business as usual today. Send the kids to their nursery and give my wife a lift to the LRT station. By the time I left Sungai Besi it was still 7:30AM. I got like an hour and half to get to section 7 in Shah Alam for my final exam. On weekends or public holidays I shouldn't worry about getting there in time but on working days it's a cause for concern. Still after crawling for about an hour near HICOM, I managed to arrive at the exam hall 10 minutes before time.

I sat for my English paper today. The first part was easy since I only have to answer some subjective questions. For the second part, I had to write a short essay about 1Malaysia. Hah, I can't even stand to hear that word before and now I must write an essay promoting it? Are you serious?

Still, I'm not about to let my political differences interfere with my studies. So I cooked up some good words about the magical effect 1Malaysia has for Malaysians in about 300 words or so. I think my essay wouldn't be out of place if published in your local BN boot-licking paper today. 1 paper done, 3 more to go.

After exam I went home, clean the house, wash the dishes, do the laundry, feed and look after the kids and made my wife really happy when she came home later tonight.