23 October 2009

Here at Afif PLC HQ, we would like to give a warm welcome to our newest member of the family: the LG LH20 LCD TV. This TV is so awesome, it can do a lot of things for you. It can do your laundry, iron your clothes, cook dinner, mow your lawn, change the diaper, everything.

Finally my life is complete. I don't want to buy anything else after this (yeah right). Now I can finally invite all my friends here to my humble pondok and not feel ashamed of my old 14" but huge CRT TV. Yes everybody is welcomed. But don't forget to fill up from J, E2, JPJ-12 and make an appointment 4 weeks in advance first before you come here ya!

Actually Linda bought this TV from Jusco Equine about a month ago. Yeah since she makes more money than me, she can afford to buy these things. By installment of course. This 32" TV costs RM1399.00, offer price and after another 100 bucks discount for being a J-Card member. We ordered the TV a month ago but since there's no stock left here they had to order new stocks all the way from Korea. It took them 3 weeks to get the TV here and another week to deliver it to our place. Needless to say my wife is totally unsatisfied with their crappy service and delivery. She called them like 5 times to say exactly what she thinks of them.

Well, thanks darling. Now Adam can watch Astro Ceria in a bigger, better TV everyday!