21 October 2009

Last week an old friend from my bachelor days called. Said he wanted to meet up so that I can do some questionnaires for him. I was quite busy all last week so only today I had the chance to meet up with him. If he really wanted me to do the questionnaire, he can easily email me the questions. So I suspected that he had some ulterior motive.

True enough after answering some questions regarding my income and savings, he went into a lengthy detail about this insurance product. Ah, I thought so. But since he's an old friend and he didn't exactly persuade or force me to buy the product I just went along with the interview. Of course I didn't sign up for anything in the end. I think he just wasted lunch and an hour on me. Sorry man, I'm a little bit tight with my budget right now. But that Prudential health care that you explained did sound quite interesting. Who knows maybe in the future when I'm a little bit better off. If I ever want to buy insurance, your name will first come up in my mind for sure.

Still it's nice to catch up with an old friend and find out how the rest of them is doing right now.