4 October 2009

Today is one of those days when I'm in no mood to do anything. Many times you do things in life out of necessity, other times because you had the motivation. Today I have none of the above. My car is filthy from the last Raya return trip and I should be really cleaning them but no, I just sleep all day and woke up to play some computer game. Sigh.

Later this afternoon I went to a relative's house in Kampung Abu Bakar Baginda near Bangi to pick up Linda's mom. She's in town to attend a friend's wedding. They came by a trainload, seriously - all 22 of them for this wedding procession. The relative, which is Linda's cousin (I think) is the kind of guy who likes to be his own boss. He runs all sort of business and trade with his wife to earn a living, rear catfish, rent a few cars, go for all sort of little tenders, you name it, they've done it. I must commend their independence and business savvy mindsets. I must admit I don't have the guts to venture into such businesses. Hats off to you my man.

This evening also I found out my only known grandfather (my Mom's father) had passed away last night in his hometown in Kedah. I hardly knew him and I only met him like 7-8 times my entire life so somehow I don't feel affected much by his demise. Is it my fault that I hardly know my own grandfather? He left my grandma since my Mom and her siblings were still small and he lived with his other family most of his life so you can tell we're not that close-knitted like a real family. My Mom and his younger brother (my uncle Din) did return to Kedah for his burial ceremony. I can only present him with Al-Fatihah.

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