24 October 2009

My wife had to work this weekend and she brought Adam along to work today. Mia meanwhile followed her grandma and me to a relative's house in Putrajaya.

Tok Bibik and her daughter is in town this week all the way from Penang. She is the younger sister of my late grandma on my Dad's side. Her youngest daughter, aunt Rohani is an accountant for the government. She's been in the service for like ages already and her grade must be at least 56. That explains why she get to live in this 2 and half storey semi-detached home in Precinct 8.

Fancy living here anyone? No gates or walls around the house so you can mix freely with your neighbours. Of course there's always the slight chance that some crooks will also have free access to your properties. But we all have faith in the Malaysian police force don't we? If you work hard or long enough you just might find yourself living here too in one of these government quarters. But if you are not patient, you can always buy one for say 600 to 700K?