22 October 2009

I don't know why but firecrackers, sparklers and fireworks in general seemed to be a must in all major celebrations here in Malaysia. Originally they only burn them like during Chinese New Year but now Hari Raya (Eid), Deepavali and even Christmas, people light up sparklers and all kinds of fireworks like they just don't care. And you can just imagine the noise they make.

I think this scenario is true everywhere in Malaysia whether in major towns or small villages. It's no different here in Seri Kembangan including this housing area where I live too. Although Deepavali had passed since like last week, my Indian neighbours apparently thought otherwise. You can still hear something exploding every 2 hours or so.

I know maybe they are not finished celebrating or something but seriously, a week already? That's probably which my Punjabi neighbours who lives with his family right across the street flipped and lost his temper tonight. You see he just had a small baby, a few months old at most. So when his neighbours just keep on playing all those noisy firecrackers every night, he just lost it. He came out at start screaming in English at those kids and teenagers (I think) whose been disturbing their family's peace. I totally feel you brother. Absolutely unreasonable, those punks. Thanks for doing all the dirty work for me. Too bad all Indians in my neighbourhood is going to hate you now.

Wait a minute. Isn't Punjabis like, Indians too?