18 October 2009

My grandma is in town this week. Yesterday she went along with my mom, uncle and brother Faiz to visit somebody's house in Sungkai, Perak. It was for a merisik ceremony. Yes my little brother has finally found the one. And after last year's disappointment, we hope this one would be a keeper. As usual, Faiz come to know the girl through his father who is also in the tabligh movement with him. My potential in law is a simple family who lives in a modest house somewhere deep in rural Perak. Faiz's prospective future wife is not the working type and she's only 17 this year. They plan to be engaged by the end of this year and hopefully, tie the knot sometime next year. Good luck to you bro.

Today I brought my grandma to visit the new Tengku Mizan mosque in Putrajaya. Never heard of that? Me too! Apparently it just finished construction this month and it's not even officiated yet. Somehow my grandma got to know about the mosque from TV. And like many God-fearing and pious east coast folk, my grandma insists that we pay the mosque a visit.

Then we drop by Alamanda nearby to do a little shopping. That's where I met my little sister's boyfriend. He works at a mysterious construction firm in Balakong and they met while he was working at IKM in Pasir Mas. I don't have anything much to comment about Izzat there since I only just met him today. If my sister likes him and finds him great then it's good enough for me. He does looks like the friendly and easy going type although you'll never know if he suddenly turns out to be moody and temperamental like you know, my other brother in law. Only one thing though, you should fire your wardrobe manager. Jacket+shirt+sandal?* And I know you loves him very much sis but claiming you are married to Arbe Izzat there on Facebook is so not cool.

(Don't be mad at me ok, just my humble little opinion ;))

*Looks who's talking fashion here!