30 October 2009

After picking up my wife from the Sungai Besi LRT station today, we decided to head straight to Tesco Extra in Cheras to do our monthly groceries shopping. We always go to Tesco because they offer the lowest price among all the hypermarkets in the country. I know, I've compared the prices between those stores.

But today I think even if they offer the lowest price anywhere in Malaysia, I don't feel I want to visit Tesco anymore after this. I brought my kid to relieve himself at the toilet there this evening and I found some of the toilets were blocked and feces were overflowing on the floor. Upstairs on the first floor wasn't any better, no water yet they didn't lock the toilets so you can imagine what you can find in there. This truly appaling and downright embarassing for a multinational company with stores all around the world. I'm sure there's one or two British manager up there in the management and yet they are doing nothing about this. Really disgusting.

If you're thinking of doing your shopping at this Tesco Extra hypermarket in Cheras, forget about it. Better go to Carrefour or even Giant. I'm sure at least the toilets there are in good working condition.