17 October 2009

Call me anti-social but I have this minor aversion to going to weddings and open houses and similar events. But then whenever friends or a relative invites me to their functions and ceremonies, chances are I won't let them down. Let's face it, going to social functions like this is part and parcel of living in a society. So unless I go and move into a cave in a jungle somewhere, I have to cope with such activities.

Besides one day when I myself organize such event, I will be hoping that people will come. And in order for that to happen, you'll need to do them a favour by attending their events in the first place. Which explains why I brought my family to 3 open house functions today.

First stop today was Linda's friend's place in Gombak. We left our home around 12:00 and after a few detours and a bad traffic jam later, we arrived at Suzen's place around 1:00 o'clock. Next we headed towards Subang to visit a relative's house. Actually they were planning to hold an open house event tomorrow but since I won't make it then, we decided to pay a visit today instead. Around 5:30 PM we finally made it to our mutual friend, Masitah's place in Kerinchi. Tired and full, we only returned home around 7:00 PM.

So that concludes our open house call for this year. Thank God the Raya month ends next week.