11 March 2009

It's the second leg of the knock-out round of the Champions League and Liverpool is leading Madrid 1-0 on aggregate. The venue is Anfield but anything can happen. A totally must watch game. So I slept early last night (around 10:15 PM) and set my alarm to 3:00 AM. I did woke up at 3:00 PM alright but the match didn't start until 45 minutes later. Bleh.

It was an amazing game. Torres and Gerrard and the rest of the boys was in top form tonight. They didn't give the Los Blancos any chance. The game ended around 5:30 in the morning and I got like 30 minutes of sleep afterwards. Naturally my biological clock went haywire. I had to rely on Red Bull for support in the morning to stop me from dozing off at my table. In the afternoon it's even worse. I struggled not to fall asleep. But it was well worth it after seeing Liverpool through to the quarterfinals. I'd definitely stay up for the second leg again then.

Maybe I was a bit mean to Madrid supporters out there just now. My apologies.

Yesterday I bought some rice and mutton curry at a mamak near my office meaning to give to Adam. When we got home, Adam refused to touch the food. He just said he's not hungry. So in the end, I had to eat everything, the packet full of rice and the mutton curry. Today when I come to work, I felt my size 36 pants is a bit tight around the waist. WTF?? It's all your fault Adam Farihin!!!

I must sleep early tonight. Laters.

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  1. good boy Adam Farihin. next time do it again. *two thumbs down* bosan dgn citer bola..bola..bola...