2 March 2009

Okay I have a confession to make. I bought a new phone last week. A Canon LS-120V phone. It is second hand and it's also huge like a calculator. In fact if you didn't look carefully you might mistake it for a calculator!

It has qwerty keypad, 3G, Quickoffice, push e-mail, WiFi, Bluetooth and a 2.0 mega-pixel camera. It has everything that I need on a phone. It's a freaking mobile computer and it's perfect!

The phone also caused me to have a fight with my wife for 4 days. She was mad that I spent our precious money on this useless thing. I'm sorry darling but I just had to buy this phone. I've been having this weird dream where a really old main with white hair and beard demanded that I bought this phoneso that I can be happy in life. You simply cannot ignore dreams where an old man told you to do stuff right? It's an omen. You must do it or else.

Okay enough for now. I have to shut down this PC to preserve energy. Did I tell you I had to skip lunch and dinner for the next 20 days after I bought that phone? And I cannot turn on my PC at home more than 10 minutes a day. Poor me.

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  1. hahah yeah..serve u rite!!! i wonder linda's face when marah²..she is so soft n gentle tho. pity u...hihihi