3 March 2009

So how do you guys family plan? Many use the pill, some use some sort of implant, some use condoms, a few use vasectomy while others use the natural way such as coitus interruptus (withdrawal before the ejaculation). As for me, we usually use the pill since the implant is much more expensive. Sometimes when my wife forgot to take the pill I put on my rubber. I don't mind using condoms. It's just I hate to see those female cashier at 7-Eleven blush or look uneasy when I bought them over the counter. And a few very rare times we use the coitus interruptus method which I disliked the most. What's the use of kissing and foreplay and what not if I had to shoot it outside during the orgasm? That's the bestest, most fun part of any sexual intercourse and when I had to withdraw it just before the climax it just felt so wrong.

Some people argue taking the pill or implants will have some side effects but I'd rather have that then have no satisfaction in my sex life. So how do you guys plan your family? Come on, don't be shy - share with us!


  1. yeargh men..selfish!!! btw, to be safe for me yg dah ada anak ramai nih, kekecik plak tu...i insert iucd. n my hubby pun happy. hmmmmm....

  2. i dunt think a wife comfortable with hubby putting on condoms urghh!

    u shud go for implant before buying new handphone maa! i think the side effect much lesser than taking pills.

    hmm, don't take that 3 month injections.. i had a very bad side effect last time i use those.

    or else, don't plan lar.. no worries, u both happy.. anak itu rejeki! kekeke!