7 March 2009

Today we went to Linda's former office mate's wedding in section 18, Shah Alam. Since section 18 is just next door to section 17 where my sister Lina lives, we decided to ask my Mom along and she agreed.

The groom's name was Nizam and I forgot what's the bride's name. We had the usual typical Malay wedding's food - chicken, nasi minyak, mutton and curry. The food was so-so, not exactly brilliant but generally edible (I'm so horrible to say that). Nobody has yet to beat my friend Dayangku Nurul Husna's excellent wedding food that I had almost 2 years ago. Great wedding foods are hard to come by, that's for sure.

As usual we had to endure some terrible karaoke singers as we eat. Linda's office mates and friends are so lucky. She went to almost all their weddings without fail. If she didn't got that means the venue is too far away or I'm just lazy to bother to go. I do hope they will all come in droves to our kid's wedding in the future he he.

Later we stopped by Lina's place in section 17 and hang out for an hour or two.

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