15 March 2009

We slept in Pasir Mas last night because after this we'd be spending the rest of our holidays in Tanah Merah. It is so cold here in the morning. I was shivering to the bone during shower this morning. It's been raining a lot round here too. In fact it hasn't stopped raining since early in the morning as I'm typing this. When it rains, it sure does pours in the East Coast.

I went to send off my sister Izni at her college this morning. She teaches there at the local IKM in Pasir Mas. After that we started off to Tanah Merah but not before stopping for an early lunch at Warung Kurnia Ibu. Remember the place where I had that delicious noodle soup last year? That's the name of that place. I only found out today. We had another taste of their famous noodle soup today and the mouth watering Tkrie coconut shake. MMMmmmm yummy! We simply must go there again next time.

In Tanah Merah I finally get to do the one thing that I wanted to do since yesterday. Get enough sleep! After working my ass down at work and exercising every day, now is the time I can get a complete wholesome rest i.e sleep all day long.

Mia cried a lot today. She's not very used to seeing these 'strangers' (my in laws) so she cried whenever her mother is out of sight. Maybe she just needs a little more getting used to.

A phone with qwerty keypad + Celcom wireless broadband + Opera Mini browser is a blogger's best friend. You get to read all this thanks to my Nokia E61i phone and Celcom wireless broadband. The Internet connection here is quite acceptable too, much-much better than Maxis Wireless Shitband. Kelantan is no doubt a Celcom territory. And the great thing about browsing from a mobile phone is it uses your bandwith very efficiently. I tried connecting using Celcom wireless through a laptop in Pasir Mas but the connection is super-slow. Here on my phone though the connection is pretty fast because the phone and the browser uses only a fraction of the bandwith compared to larger devices like laptops. The font and the image size is greatly reduced and every bytes counts. Only one complaint though. My thumbs hurts a little after typing so much on this tiny keypad.

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